Review: If You Build It, They Will Come: ‘Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses’

DEC. 18, 2017, THEBROADWAYBLOG.COM, by Ryan Leeds – Who knew that songs about construction and urban development could be so engaging? Apparently Peter Galperin. The musician, lyricist, and book writer is behind the new Off-Broadway musical, Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses. Galperin, a self-described “grunge rock refugee,” has recorded four CDs but this appears to be his first venture into the theater. For such a neophyte, he’s made an impressive debut, much of which rests on his dynamic score. He’s joined by Daniel Scott Kadin, a more experienced co-book writer. Together, the pair has created an imperfect, but generally enjoyable and informative view into the turbulent career of Robert Moses (Constantine Maroulis). Read the full article...

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